Evaluation day

Monday we had both Jane and Mary evaluated by our ND specialist.  We are blessed to be with a special guest, Grampa Ed, who came out over the weekend to help us wrap up here.

L-to-R: Gramp Ed, Jane and Tara

Jane has shown really good physical and nuerologiv growth these past two months.  Very motivated to see this continue when we get home!

Mary has severe vision and possible metabolic issues causing learning delays.  We’ve been working with her on vision since January with an ND program plus vision therapy.  We’re going to be looking into the metabolic issue now to see how we can help her out.  

I’m still processing how this is the end of this phase in the journey.  God has been so gracious to provide us with the ability to be at the Center. Very humbled and blessed. 

Now time to pack up and get on the road Wed morning.


Last days at the Center 

Friday was Jane’s last full day at the Center for Neurological Development (ND).  Her final day will be Monday where she is evaluated by our ND specialist (she was evaluated at the very start in August as well).  The evaluation will tell us how Jane has progressed over the past two months and provide a new program for the next few months.  

Left-to-right: Mary, Jane and Hannah

We started this journey two months ago and are watching the time quickly draw to a close.  I can see that Jane has improved physically and mentally though I can’t tell by what degree.  This kind of improvement was the hope for her.  What we didn’t expect was to find such a warm and friendly community that would welcome us in and become Jane’s closest friends.  They get her, love her and challenge her.  She loves getting to the Center and seeing her friends.  She loves making them proud even if she acts like dad or mom are pushing too hard.  In the end they are as much a part of her success (if not more so?) then the actual activities. This has caught me by surprise and will be a challenge to replace back home.  I’m realizing it’s not just about the activities and it’s not just about the community.  It’s both working together in sacrificial service to all involved that makes this Center special.  I’m going to miss going to the Center and seeing our close friends, each one is dear to us.  

Successful morning at the center

To be honest, Jane has had a week and a half of really good mornings.  I think she clicked up a stage after being at the center for a month.

I took the below video of Jane this morning.  She’s doing reverse creeping and knee walking – two critical activities for healthy brain function and lower cortex development.  She narrates the whole time which shows multiple parallel processing activities – a sign her upper cortex function is developing.  When we first started here at the center she could creep and knee walk but it was a chore and she wasn’t that good at it.  What I saw today tells me she is making solid progress and this therapy is exactly what she needs.

Celina Rodeo!

First we went through the livestock barns.​​

Then grabbed some kettle corn and settled in for the rodeo.

Hannah voleneered for a stick horse race.
​So naturally Jane and Mary wanted a turn too.  I was very proud of Jane for having the courage to try, and then the will to finish the race.  This is a sign that she is getting stronger.  I teared up.

Merry go round time.  Classic.

Earlier we found a lady making ice cream with a mini John Deer.

Prize winning cows.  It’s a big deal around here.

A fun ver fun day! Boy were we tired !

Community picnic in Coldwater

The next town over from us had a community picnic and we took full advantage.  

We started off with petting the animals .

Then we signed up to cheer on the pig races.

Joshua was selected to cheer for the green pig.​​​

Josh’s pig won first place.

Small town America fun.

Jane’s First Day at the center

These are pictures and videos of Jane’s first day at the clinic.  She spent her time this first day being evaluated to see where she is at, and have her program written.

Pictured below is the front of the center.

This is the door we enter through.  This is a small old elementary school that was purchased for one dollar from the neighboring   Catholic Church.

Below is a clip of Jane being patterned for the first time.


Here she is on a piece of equipment that can be tilted up and down to increase difficulty as she gets stronger.

Practicing rolling up hill.  This is still a challenge for her.​​

Below she is walking across what they call a suspension ladder.  It mimics the feeling of being on a suspension bridge and does s beautiful job of challenging her vestibular system.


Most healthy children her age can practically fly across monkey bars.  But for her it’s a huge challenge and very important for the development of her brain and her hands.  We will be working on hanging from the bars to start and then working into swinging across them while giving her assistance.

Working on balance.

​This is another piece of equipment that was custom made for the center by a volunteer.

This is painted on the wall in the gym.
We have recieved lots of love and support so far and we are excited to see her improve over the next few weeks.  

Our trip to the Neil Armstrong Museum

Back on Aug 6, we had a great day of science learning about space and the first man on the moon!​​​

Below is a video of Dan explaining how space crafts orbit the earth.

Below is a short clip of the kids playing with some model rockets.

During this next clip we are approaching a display of Neil Armstrongs space suit from his trip to the moon.

This is a picture of a moon rock.

This is the flag that was aboard Appolo 11.

Cool space tools.

Space toys!

Future Astronaut?

Test plane Neil Armstrong flew. 

All in all a great day!